Turf agronomy podcast: Behind the Turf Ep.37

April 27th, 2022

Our Turf Agronomist John Neylan was invited to discuss more about poa annua and women in turf industry in Behind the Turf podcast, episode 37. Listen now!

Turf agronomy podcast: Behind the Turf Ep.36

April 27th, 2022

Our Turf Agronomist John Neylan was invited to discuss more about turf management in Australia in Behind the Turf podcast, episode 36. Listen now!

What are the best practices when building a sport Field of Play?

March 10th, 2022

Our turf agronomist John Neylan writes about the vital best practices to adopt when it comes to a construction project to ensure an optimal outcome. 

What are the different types of infill for synthetic turf?

February 10th, 2022

In this episode of our synthetic turf web series, we explain the importance of choosing the suitable infill for a playable surface.

What is Poa annua?

February 08th, 2022

Leading agronomist John Neylan looks at a number of ongoing trials, adding to the industry’s knowledge base about Poa annua and its ubiquitous nature.

What are the consequences of flooding on sportfield natural turf?

January 31st, 2022

Leading agronomist John Neylan takes an agronomic look at the impact of floods, and the short and longterm implications for turf health.

How to keep bacteria wilt away from sportfields' natural turf?

January 04th, 2022

Leading agronomist John Neylan looks at bacterial wilt in Poa annua/bentgrass greens and provides some strategies to get sportsfields ready for Winter.

Dawn of 4th Generation synthetic turf systems in Australia

December 07th, 2021

Synthetic grass manufacturers have been undertaking R&D and subsequently delivering on this goal for the past couple of years.

What pavement base should I construct for my acrylic hard court?

December 07th, 2021

An acrylic surface's performance is dictated by the bond's strength between the acrylic system and the underlying pavement. Read more!

Can recycled glass sand be used as growing medium for natural turf?

November 25th, 2021

We are undertaking a trial to test whether recycled glass sand can be used as a growing medium for natural turf Fields of Play.

What is Turfgrass Agronomy?

September 29th, 2021

Turfgrass agronomy is about presenting turf surfaces that are fit for the particular sport and safe for play rather than producing a harvestable crop.

How to use site investigations to mitigate the risk of your Field of Play project?

September 15th, 2021

A Field of Play design goes through multiple stages before the design engineers deliver documentation ready for the contractor to construct the works.

Why do hard-court pavements fail?

August 19th, 2021

The reasons for hard-court Field of Play pavements failure vary from bad construction practices to poor subgrade characteristics. Read more.

How designing Field of Play look like in a post-2020 environment?

August 17th, 2021

Sport has always been at the heart of Australians' life. 2020 brought challenges that reinforced this culture, creating new expectations towards sport. 

Preparing to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050

July 30th, 2021

Learn about possible actions for reducing a project's carbon emissions and how to design Fields of Play projects to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

How to maintain synthetic turf sports fields during winter?

July 26th, 2021

Uncover ways of maintaining your synthetic turf sports field during winter, and how they fit in your overall Field of Play's maintenance plan.

Turf agronomy podcast: golf turf management in Australia

May 17th, 2021

Our Turf Agronomist John Neylan was invited to discuss more about golf turf management in Australia in Frankly Speaking podcast. Listen for more!

Synthetic grass is a solution to urban densification

March 16th, 2021

Urban densification negatively impacts our transport networks and places some of our existing Fields of Play under unsustainable stress and strain.

5 practices to maintain your synthetic turf Field of Play performance

February 16th, 2021

In this blog post, we highlight the best practices to keep your synthetic turf Field of Play performing at its best.

What are the differences between sand slit drainage system and sand carpet profile?

December 10th, 2020

These forms of improving drainage have some common elements but are in fact quite different systems. This article outlines the differences between them.

How to choose the right rootzone sand profile for your natural turf Field of Play?

October 13th, 2020

The performance of a playing surface profile is heavily reliant on the relationship between the sand specification and profile thickness. Learn more.

How to produce a high performing natural turf Field of Play profile?

October 07th, 2020

Rootzone growing medium plays an essential role in natural turf Field of Play quality, and helps avoiding turf damages. Learn more.

What is 3D visualisation in civil engineering design?

September 28th, 2020

3D modelling in civil engineering is an essential tool, both for engineers and clients. It helps clients get the best outcome for their Field of Play.

How to design a pavement for a difficult subgrade?

May 01st, 2020

Learn how SPORTENG developed a bespoke pavement design to address the soil conditions of the Perry Park in Brisbane.

What is proof rolling?

February 21st, 2020

Why is it important to carry out a proof roll when building out a field of play? Learn what to look for and what to do if a surface fails the proof roll.

Who is SPORTENG? A boutique engineering company

February 21st, 2020

Jarrod Hill, CEO, talks about why he and Gray Canning (COO) brought SPORTENG, a boutique engineering company, into existence.