SPORTENG becomes a partner of the Sports Environment Alliance

Apr 25|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

We are pleased to advise that SPORTENG is now an active partner of the Sports Environment Alliance (also known as SEA).

SEA is established to be a charity with the purpose of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Australasia by promoting sustainable development, regeneration and use of resources. They're focused on celebrating environmental leadership and advocacy for the sporting community. 

Leading the journey towards a clean future and generations of play ahead

Partnering with SEA means that we engage ourselves in contributing to the global movement to protect our spaces and places where we play. This highlights our efforts in creating clean solutions, and developing ways to do more for the world. We're joining a large network of members, ambassadors, and partners, who work together to create a large-scale influence and positive change for the community. 

Sustainability and agronomy are at the heart of our Fields of Play designs, and partnering with SEA is giving us the opportunity to inspire and support the sports community in acting for a more sustainable and regenerative Australasia.

Jarrod Hill, CEO & Director at SPORTENG, said: "We're excited to be partnering with the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA). SEA’s vision is to lead the sports industry’s circular economy; we believe we can play a big role in helping SEA realise its vision with our sustainable designs for Fields of Play. We're continually exploring more ways to ensure our designs are as sustainable as possible. We look forward to working with SEA and other SEA partners to deliver a sustainable Australia."

Why working with a SEA partner would be beneficial for you? 

Collaborating with a SEA partner such as SPORTENG gives you the insurance to work with a company that acts for cleaner, more sustainable sportsfield designs. We'll provide you with environmental-friendly solutions, helping you become an active agent of environmental health improvement at all levels of sport. 

This is the opportunity to draw a clean future through your present actions by educating the general public through innovative and environmentally positive projects and encouraging general climate actions. 


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