SPORTENG opens their new office in Sydney

Apr 18|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

Celebration went on at the SCG with fine food, live music and a guided walk on pitch!


On the 15th of April 2021, SPORTENG celebrated the opening of their new Sydney office at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)!

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   Live music                                                              Guided pitch tour                                                SCG venue

The Sydney office will strengthen the SPORTENG presence in New South Wales, offering clients-based a greater access to their team, while providing services such as Field of Play and civil engineering design, turf audit and recommendations, project management, and irrigation design.
Jarrod Hill, CEO at SPORTENG said: “New South Wales has always been an important market for our company having landed our first job in the region back in 2014 at Knox Grammar School. Now we have a full-time presence here we are looking forward to continuing to work with local clients to deliver high quality Fields of Play for all level of use.”
One of the office’s visions is to support sport sustainability by developing more sustainable and environmental-friendly Fields of Play projects, and by assisting relevant organisations – such as the Sport Environment Alliance. This charity has the purpose of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Australasia by promoting, sustainable development, regeneration and re-use of resources.

As Cameron Nayar, Design Lead of the SPORTENG’s NSW team, said: “It’s a great opportunity for me to bring the SPORTENG brand into Sydney and take on the role of design lead. With sustainability becoming more important, educating the Sydney market on sustainable Field of Play design will help maintain its ranking of Australia's most sustainable city."
With over 6 years’ experience as a Civil Engineer at SPORTENG, Cameron proved to be the perfect choice for leading this new SPORTENG adventure on the NSW coasts. With a keen eye for detail in engineering design and strong design lead skills, Cameron knows how to effectively lead a design team, from assisting clients from the initial conceptual design, through to the end of construction.
And three engineers already joined him on this adventure: Aella McDonald, Field of Play Consultant, Alice McCosker, Civil Engineer with 6 years’ experience, and Faris Saman, Graduate Civil Engineer.

The new office is located within the WOTSO Zetland co-working space, at 136 Epsom Rd, Zetland NSW.


SPORTENG specialises in the Planning, Design and Construction inspection of Fields of Play for all sports. Blending engineering with specialist knowledge gained from working closely with sport governing bodies, stadium curators, sport planners and architects, SPORTENG provides leading-edge technical advice for all forms of Field of Play. Pivotal to the SPORTENG approach is our understanding of the specific design requirements for a Field of Play and our appreciation of how facilities will be constructed, operated and maintained. Our specialist team, the largest in Australia, brings every skill to the table to ensure we can deliver the highest quality and most appropriate design option for clients. 


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