SPORTENG proudly encourage community empowerment at Boots for All's International Volunteer Day

Dec 04|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

At the intersection of sports, sustainability, and community impact, Boots For All held a great event to celebrate the achievements of their groundbreaking project funded by Sustainability Victoria and Collingwood Football Club. This occasion, scheduled on December 5, 2023, coinciding with International Volunteers Day, promised to be a testament to the positive change that collaborative efforts can bring.
Through their social impact program, SPORTENG proved to be a dedicated partner and a key player in this impactful journey. Their support included sponsoring the association's van, a vehicle that has become instrumental in significantly enhancing Boots For All's operational capacity. This commitment is not just a sponsorship; it's a tangible contribution to fostering positive change and supporting the organisation's mission.

Van with sports ball images on it parked in front of an art building

SPORTENG purchased the Boots For All van for the association

SPORTENG CEO Jarrod Hill also attended the event, underscoring the company's commitment to the cause and its active involvement in the journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive sports community.

The heart of the celebration lay in the launch of the Boots for All - Uni Hill social enterprise sports store. Situated in the Uni Hill Precinct in Bundoora, this store stands as the first social enterprise retailer in the region. What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability—100% of the retail stock comprises salvaged sporting goods, both new and pre-owned. The proceeds from the store are then reinvested in training and employment pathways, a job creation program, and the distribution of Sports Inclusion Kits to teams in need across Australia.
The impact is multifold. Not only does the initiative contribute to a circular economy by salvaging and repurposing sporting goods, but it also channels the generated funds into creating opportunities for training, employment, and fostering inclusivity in sports. This model aligns seamlessly with Boots For All's vision of providing locals with highly affordable sporting goods, encouraging fitness, and promoting active participation in sports.

BootsforAllEvent2SPORTENG attending the Sports For All event hosted by Boots For All at their Uni Hill social enterprise sports store

BootsforAllEvent1SPORTENG attending the Sports For All event hosted by Boots For All at their Uni Hill social enterprise sports store

The event was also a moment to acknowledge and express gratitude for the significant contributions of volunteers in the Recycling Victoria Communities Fund project. Their collective efforts have resulted in salvaging over 24 tonnes of sporting goods, providing training to 30 participants, creating ten jobs in the circular economy, and distributing a staggering 5,000 Sports Inclusion Kits to teams in need across Victoria. The replacement value of these kits stands at an impressive $1,250,000, underscoring the tangible and far-reaching impact of this initiative.

Adding a layer of prestige to the event, keynote speaker Dr. Sheila Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO of Sport Environment Alliance, and Head of Sustainability for FIFA Women’s World Cup, shared her insights. Her presence highlighted the global significance of Boots For All's efforts and the organisation's commitment to sustainable practices in sports.

SPORTENG's sponsorship and the presence of CEO Jarrod Hill at the event underlined the commitment to fostering positive change. Let this moment inspire us to continue striving for a future where sports and sustainability coexist, leaving a lasting positive impact on generations to come.

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