SPORTENG becomes official sponsor for sporting charity Boots For All

Jan 19|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

In January 2023, SPORTENG announced a new sponsorship agreement with Boots for All, an Australian association dedicated to promoting and providing opportunities for sports participation to disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Through this partnership, SPORTENG wish to contribute to the effort.

Who or what is Boots For All?

Boots For All is an organisation focusing on making sports accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. They provide equipment, coaching, and facilities to those who might not otherwise be able to participate in sports.

Facilitating access to sports for all may seem negligible for some, but it’s actually creating a significant positive impact in the lives of those who may have experienced hardship or disadvantage by giving them the physical and mental benefits that come with regular exercise and sports practice.

Improving access to sports equipment and opportunities for people in need

At SPORTENG, we admire the work being done by Boots For All, and we wanted to take a step further by actively contributing to their efforts and their cause.

Through our 4-year partnership, we will enable them to purchase a brand-new Hyundai van (photo below) which they will not only use to obtain the products that they on-sell but, most importantly, will drive out to community sporting clubs and have pop-up stores throughout the week to allow families to have access to cheap boots and clothing for their kids.
As part of this partnership, SPORTENG will participate in team-building days with them, where we assist with the cleaning, processing and packaging of the goods. We will also have the opportunity to assist with the pop-up vans!


Boots For All Hyundai Van being sponsored by SPORTENG - Photo courtesy of Boots For All.

By supporting Boots For All, SPORTENG want to help make a positive impact on people’s lives. Thanks to this initiative, many people who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy sports will now have the chance to do so by gaining better access to sports equipment and sports opportunities.


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