SPORTENG re-signed as Parks and Leisure Australia QLD Major Sponsor

Sep 29|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

We are pleased to advise that SPORTENG continues its existing Sponsorship arrangement with Parks and Leisure Australia Queensland (PLA QLD) as a Region Major Sponsor for another two years (2021-2023)!

Developing a strong and united park and leisure industry in Australia.

Operating for over 90 years now, Parks and Leisure Australia is a leading industry association for professionals in the sector. They are the advocate of building and developing a strong and united park and leisure industry in Australia, for Australia to be “the most liveable country in the world, renowned for its parks, sport and recreation facilities that provide the foundation for healthy communities and liveable towns and cities.”

Source: PLA Vision

"We are excited to extend our sponsorship with the PLA Queensland Region and work with the board and the members on helping to educate and raise awareness on trends and opportunities to deliver efficient and sustainable active open spaces." said Jarrod Hill, CEO & Director at SPORTENG.

Why collaborating with a PLA Queensland member would be beneficial for you?

Choosing to work with an accredited PLA member such as SPORTENG means collaborating with a company that continuously upgrade solutions across policy, planning and the provision of assets, services, facilities, programs and research in the sport’s development for the parks and leisure sector.

Being a member of the PLA Queensland association also means supporting knowledge sharing and understanding the importance of well-educated choices in sports design-related.

As a member, we are given the opportunity of providing training, professional development sessions, research and advocacy, something that deeply resonates with us.

By joining the association, you give yourself access to a goldmine of information, research, news, and a strong community that will provide a range of products and services to support you and your industry.

In line with that vision, SPORTENG is regularly delivering webinars that you can consult freely on our YouTube channel.


For more information on the Parks and Leisure Australia Industry Association, visit Parks and Leisure Australia

And for further information or questions/remarks on SPORTENG’s new membership, contact us now.


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