SPORTENG named Official Field of Play Designer for Major Cricket League

Jun 27|StadiaBy Solene Cathalan

We are proud to share that SPORTENG has been announced as the Official Field of Play Designer for the highly anticipated Major League Cricket (MLC)!

This remarkable achievement highlights our commitment to excellence in engineering and agronomy services which showcases our dedication to shaping the future of sports infrastructure while fuelling the excitement surrounding the inaugural season of Major League Cricket in the United States.

Uniting Sports and Engineering Excellence

At SPORTENG, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and its potential to achieve remarkable outcomes. With our expertise in combining civil engineering and agronomy services, as well as our deep-rooted love for sports, we are excited to forge this unique partnership with the Major Cricket League. This collaboration allows us to merge our passion for design excellence with our shared vision for promoting exceptional cricket, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for us to contribute to the growth and success of this monumental sporting event.

Major Cricket League: The Future of American Cricket

The Major Cricket League has rapidly emerged as the flagship cricket tournament in the United States, captivating fans nationwide with its electrifying matches and star-studded line-ups. As a supporter of cricket excellence, SPORTENG is honoured to join forces with the Major Cricket League, sharing a common commitment to fostering the growth of cricket and igniting the passion for this beloved sport within the American community.

Designing the Premier Venue: Grand Prairie Stadium

As a testament to our Field of Play capabilities, SPORTENG has proven to be a great partner in developing the MLC's first premier venue, Grand Prairie Stadium. This state-of-the-art stadium will play host to the inaugural Major League Cricket season. Our SPORTENG team has dedicated their expertise to designing an exceptional field that sets the stage for thrilling matches and unforgettable moments.

Curious to see what the construction looked like? Check out some photos/videos of the Stadium’s construction.

Tweet from Major Cricket League with some exclusive pics of the Grand Prairie Stadium

Elevating the Fan Experience

At SPORTENG, we recognise that the heart of any sporting event lies within the passion of its fans. Our collaboration with the Major Cricket League shows our dedication to enhancing the fan experience both inside and outside the stadium. Collaborating closely with the Major Cricket League, we will create captivating fan zones, interactive experiences, and digital innovations that bring fans closer to the action and their beloved players. Our goal is to provide fans with an unforgettable and immersive journey throughout the tournament, ensuring their love for the game is celebrated and cherished.

Investing in the Future of Cricket

As part of our commitment to building a lasting legacy, SPORTENG believes in investing in the future of cricket. Through this partnership, we are proud to support the development of grassroots cricket, nurturing young players and creating pathways for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills on the global stage.

The collaboration between SPORTENG and the Major Cricket League symbolises our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the fusion of sports and civil engineering. Together, we will create unforgettable moments, shape sports infrastructure, and inspire the next generation of cricket enthusiasts in the United States.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this incredible partnership!


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