SPORTENG named finalist in the SEAChanger Awards {2020}

Apr 05|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

Celebrated as part of the Sports Environment Alliance's annual #SEASummit, the #SEAChanger Awards recognise those that make remarkable efforts to minimise their environmental impact, investigate ways to make their sports more sustainable, and act as advocates to ensure the longevity of our spaces and places to play.

Hold on 8 June 2021 at the SEA Member Melbourne Cricket Ground, the event was accessible in person, virtually via SEA’s live stream, or across social media.  

The purpose of the event was to provide a space for our sport & planet sector and the greater clean economy community to engage on environmental issues, so we can continue to enjoy what we love.

Dr Sheila Nguyen, the SEA CEO, began the ceremony by thanking all participants and contributors to the event, saying, "We #enviroloved celebrating all the outstanding efforts of our #SEAChanger Awards applicants. It is through these amazing {sport & planet} initiatives that we can continue to #SEA_theChange. We look forward to supporting and celebrating our entrants’ sustainability journeys for years to come."

The ceremony went on by announcing the runners up and winners of both Category Awards allocated on the day.

In the non-SEA Member category, the declared winner was Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort Gold & Country Club; in the SEA Member category, the winner was the Australian Grand Prix Corporation.

As for SPORTENG, we ended up finalist in the non-SEA Member category on behalf of the Waverley Netball Centre.


Photo courtesy of Sports Environment Alliance. 

On the left: runner-up and winner of the non-SEA Member category SEAChanger Award. | On the right: runner-up and winner of the SEA Member category SEAChanger Award.

This project highlights SPORTENG’s efforts in bringing sustainability thinking into Field of Play designs. The Waverley Netball Centre was looking at redeveloping its outdoor courts to comply with Netball Victoria requirements while improving spectator viewing and circulation spaces.

SE_MK_WaverleyNetballCentre1Waverley Netball Centre in Glen Waverley, VIC

SE_MK_WaverleyNetballCentre2Waverley Netball Centre in Glen Waverley, VIC

We provided an innovative solution consisting of consolidating the existing profile (identified as being in good condition) and updating it to current requirements instead of removing it and replacing it with new materials. This environmental-friendly option was more affordable while still answering the project requirements.

SE_MK_SEAaward_InfographicComparison between traditional and sustainable design processes

Dr Sheila Nguyen concluded the evening by saying: "Sport has never been in a more powerful position to harness the zeitgeist to drive change that will safeguard its future, positively impact the world for generations to come, and evolve the sports business model towards a more sustainable economic foundation."

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