SPORTENG clinch top honours at the 2023 SAPIA Design Awards!

Sep 14|NewsBy Solene Cathalan

We're thrilled to announce that SPORTENG has been honoured at this year's Sports & Play Industry Association Design Awards 2023, showcasing our commitment to excellence in sports and recreation construction. In this article, we'll dive into the details of these prestigious awards and the outstanding projects that earned us recognition.

What is the Sports and Play Industry Association and its Design Awards?

The Sports and Play Industry Association (SAPIA) stands as the foremost industry authority for sports and recreation construction across Australasia. Committed to upholding the highest construction standards and promoting best business practices, SAPIA is dedicated to enhancing the safety and enjoyment of sporting facilities for participants and their communities.
Each year, SAPIA hosts the Industry Awards, among which are Design Awards, recognising exceptional achievements in the realm of sports and play spaces design, construction, and maintenance. This event celebrates innovation, sustainability, and community impact, setting the stage for industry leaders to shine.

The regional multisport facility at Westend Griffith awarded winner of the Design Award

Our first accolade of the evening goes to Westend Griffith, the winner of the SAPIA Design Awards 2023. This remarkable project arose from the enduring need for accessible and adaptable sports facilities in the community. Driven by the desire to bridge the gap in sports infrastructure, SPORTENG took on the challenge of creating a multi-sports facility that would not only cater to various sports but also attract regional sporting events.

The Westend Griffith project boasts a stunning array of features, including a World Athletics-approved synthetic athletics track, FIH global standard synthetic field, natural turf hockey pitch, acrylic netball courts, and half basketball/netball courts. These facilities are more than just sports grounds; they're hubs of community activity, fostering social connections and promoting a sense of belonging.

The impact of Westend Griffith extends far beyond the immediate community. It contributes significantly to the physical health and well-being of individuals by providing accessible opportunities for participation in sports and physical activities. This, in turn, enhances overall fitness, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and improves the quality of life for all involved.
Lastly, Westend Griffith serves as a potent tool for tourism and regional promotion. Its reputation as a high-quality sports venue draws regional sports events, bringing attention to the area and positioning it as a prime destination for sports tourism.

Aerial view of the Westend Griffith multi-use facility

Aerial view of the Westend Griffith multi-use facility, with athletic tracks, hockey field and netball-basketball courts. 
Photo credits Hines construction

In essence, Westend Griffith is a game-changer, transforming the community and region in numerous ways, from physical health and social connections to economic prosperity and sports excellence.

Cranbrook College project snatched the Design Award's Runner-Up place

Our second recognition at the SAPIA Design Awards 2023 goes to Cranbrook College, earning the runner-up position. Cranbrook's Bellevue Hill senior campus embarked on a visionary project, investing in future-focused buildings that embody the school's holistic ethos and remarkable topographical setting.

In collaboration with Landscape Options, Richard Crookes Construction, and ARUP, SPORTENG took on the challenge of creating a versatile sporting space catering to rugby, football, cricket, and athletics practice and competition. The project aimed not only to enhance the quality of sports facilities but also to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

The impact of the Cranbrook College project extends beyond the school. By opening the sporting complex to the broader community it promotes community engagement, offering recreational opportunities beyond school hours. It fosters social connections, a sense of belonging, and a healthier lifestyle within the community.
Furthermore, the project contributes to sustainability with solutions for proper drainage, stability, and maintenance, ensuring its long-term viability and minimising future maintenance costs.

In conclusion, both Westend Griffith and Cranbrook College showcase SPORTENG's unwavering dedication to enhancing sports and recreation spaces. These projects exemplify our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community impact, and we are proud to be recognised by SAPIA for our contributions. We look forward to continuing our mission to create exceptional sports and play spaces that enrich communities across Australasia.

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from SPORTENG!

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