Turf agronomy podcast: Behind the Turf Ep.37

Apr 27|Natural TurfBy John Neylan

In its podcast Behind The Turf - Episode 37, Nadeem Zreikat, Marketing Manager from Colin Campbell Chemical, received our Senior Turf Agronomist John Neylan, alongside a graduate student of Dr Jim Brosnan, Devon Carroll, who is working on her PhD.

The first part of this podcast is about Devon's research about women in turf and the findings on why and why not women work this specific industry.

The second part dives into Devon's research on Poa Annua, overseen by Dr Jim Brosnan.

Strong of his experience and knowledge regarding turf agronomy, John has been invited to contribute to the dicussion and share his views on Poa.


🎧 You can listen to the full podcast here!




👉 Listen to John's interview about turf industry history and Poa Annua on the episode 36 of the Behind the Turf podcast.

👉 Listen to John's interview  with Dr Frank Rossi on Frankly Speaking podcast about golf turf management in Australia.

Alternatively, you can also download the report made from the discussion John Neylan had with Dr Frank Rossi, while being invited to its "Frankly Speaking" podcast - Simply click on the banner below!


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